Bar & Tapes Can Tonet Tossa de Mar

Bar & Tapes Can Tonet Tossa de Mar. Located in the heart of Old Tossa, is impossible not to find the square of the church of San Vicente walking the narrow streets of our town.

At the hotel bar (Can Tonet), Enjoy our terrace facing the plaza to the entrance of the church. A corner bathed comfortable and charismatic charm that has given the history over the years and is printed on the walls of the façade. A charming place where you can drink homemade vermouth already drank our grandfather Quimet, different beers and snacks and coffees, Ecological infusions designation hot and cold sugar free and gluten.

Can Tonet we aim to preserve the characteristic that always identified as a family business, our kitchen. Our grandmother, "Na Francisqueta" was a landmark for us and became part of a wave of chefs at the time of post war. As a main shaft was used patience, love and respect the resources of the sea and the earth are offered to prepare dishes with a common main ingredient, the weather. This gave way to an understanding of cooking and kitchen Tossa de Can Tonet particular.

Bar & Can Tonet OUR tapas tapas.

Here we offer a bit of our own history serving recipes to enjoy yesterday to today. We offer a selection of homemade tapas and rations ranging from:

  • Cod.
  • Cod Fillets with Tomato Sauce and tempora slow reduction.
  • Trotters sauce or grandmother to Brassa.
  • Terrine with cod.
  • Mussels cooked in the oven a drop of oil and pepper.
  • Seafood and squid and meatballs made with beef sauce drenched with grandmother.
  • Suquet anchovy sauce Tossa.
  • Land snail with Spider crab with chilli.
  • Mushrooms with shrimp or Roquefort.(depending on the time of year we use one kind or another strain).
  • Scallops Carme style sauce with a base of shrimp head.

Bar & Tapes Can Tonet SELECCION OUR WINE.

"The best wine that we like" and under this premise has selected a dozen different wines D.O. to try to find one that we like profile. The wine comes from the soil contributes itself and its surroundings, and drinking a drink and some scenery at the same time. Sauvignons blancs, Grenache black or white, Cabernets Sauvignons i Mencías, through the Muscat of Alexandria Chardonnay. Cupatges varietal or wine to have profiles “secs i minerals” O "Fruity and perfumed".

OF. Emporda, Priorat, Ribera del Duero, Riojas, O wines Madrid, through sweet wines appetizer or dessert all served by the glass with your service.