Nord trail walkway path “near the sea”

Nord trail walkway path “near the sea” Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar has a natural heritage that houses within its rugged cliffs and spectacular one of the most beautiful treasures, virgins and appreciated our town in particular and in general the Costa Brava, The "Paths".

Small sections of roads and trails that weave between cliffs and coves through small terrain dotted with small drops, to walk as long as possible "by the sea". The smell of seawater salinity month aromas given off is our flower rosemary and thyme are added values ​​of the track, that will accompany us during the journey. Different times of the year gives us different perspectives of the same scene. The sea green emeralds Mediterrà summer, Lead turns blue in the fall and winter, caressing green pines and oaks are born between cracks in solid rock printed on the curtain that form clouds and the distant horizon line.

A real treat to enjoy all our senses through the walk.

Can Tonet From this year we offer you a new, and this year thanks to the work done by the Department of Environment of the City of Tossa de Mar, we travel along a new stretch of road to Ronda Norte.

Until today the coastal path leads north from its start in Tossa, to finalize Cala Pola. To follow the path towards Sant Feliu departs to seek the long-distance route, the famous GR92.

This year, under the instructions of our experienced guide, Josep, have the opportunity to inaugurate the section"Tossa - Sant Feliu" A "Walkway by the sea" through the recovery of ancient paths that formerly made use Tossa for activities like charcoal or practice "contraband" Tobacco. Roads that had fallen into disuse because of the disappearance of these activities. This year 2018 have a fixed-conditioned small sections that weave between some old ways of our most beautiful coves Costa Brava. coves "Futadera", "Creek Sr. Ramón or Corcollada ", "Vallpregona" or "reefs and Cala Canyet ".

Do the north walkway between Tossa and Sant Feliu is an experience "near the sea" consists of three parts or stages defined that can be performed following different formulas. Can be split in three stages, or if our level is high, can do it all in one go.

place: Can Tonet.

Stage 1. Tossa de Mar - Salionç. (6'6km). 2:30h.

Leaving from Can Tonet first stage between transcurrirà. small roads that lead until reaching Cala Salionç located north, through such beautiful places such as "It Penyol Arenys", "It Mirador de Santiago", Hell on Safety, "Cala Bona", "Cala Golf", "Cala Futadera", "Es Cap des Pentiné", "Puig S'agulla" passing "Garrofers weight of Arum" or is viewpoint "Des Suro de l'amo".

Stage 2. Salionç - in Canyet. (4,5Km).

In this second installment leave "Cala Salionç” for "Beach Corcollada" O "Creek Sr. Ramón " (nudist). The final stretch to reach the beach Canyet pass through a road built on rocks and was called up, "Reef Canyet" a beautiful location but you need some caution to be accessed.

Stage 3. Reed - Sant Feliu.(5km).

Reed-hermitage of Sant Elm (final). From the hermitage of Sant Elm St Feliu to a 1,5km stretch linking urban design to reach the town of San Feliun Guixols.

In the end, depending on the time of year, from Sant Feliu have the opportunity to return aboard a small "cruise" well known in the area connecting the small towns of our Costa Brava by sea. Nice return journey in which we relive the sights advance footsteps, Now for sea.

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