Route Moltons

It is a place Moltons Tossa which is located north of the town.

Between "Viewpoint is de Santiago" i "It Coll des Sastre" is a small mountain ridge formed by small hills, with a maximum height of 226m, named "Sa Serra des rams". This area was used by the end of the last century as pasture to feed "nes rams", that is the name of the Lambs sheep from France and part of the Pyrenees, in winter time when their fields were covered by snow. Later is also used to manufacture coal, creating, a series of small short-haul roads also known as "Walking from Coal". Enrebessats small paths that lead to small coal mines not far from the town. Today the coal industry in missing, and with it, many roads and trails that have been, today, with disuse.

From Can Tonet offer the possibility to resort to the old layout views on the Costa Brava, and can enjoy a fantastic view of our bay as iconic in particular.

Based on our technical level and our fitness level, propose the same route two different endings.

  • Down "is patched":


Tour with a trip home following the soft riverbed "Sa Riera Tossa", bound to escalate without steep slopes to reach the "viewpoint Patch". In this first proposal, they go down the hill "for Patch" and go to look for the final stretch of the coastal path north to get to Tossa "Petite sea".

  • Down the Rock "by Puignau":


Route that shares the same route as above to reach the "Es Mirador Patch". Here follow an uphill stretch, where we will immerse ourselves completely to the "Sierra des Moltons" climbing a dead end, link that leads to a small path that we require to bring appropriate footwear for hiking. The path that leads to the top "Rock the Puig Ship" (226m) or also known as "Elephant Rock". From this point we will enjoy a spectacular view of one of the most beautiful sights in Tossa. Our iconic bay with the town and its walls south, the valley that leads to the Tossa river, our way towards the sea west, "Cala Bona" i "Cala field" the east side, and the "Pincha Sant Grau" and majesty "Massif seats" in the north.

Here begins the descent stage where it will be appropriate to follow the instructions of our Guide, Josep. Down a steep narrow path and low traffic, which leads directly to "Sastre Coll des nes ". Hence it will be to seek "Cala Golf", here to take a stretch of the road Ronda Norte, until Tossa.


WAY OUT: 9.00h

ARRIVAL: 14:00h.

Km. Between 10 i 13km

Hiking in Tossa de Mar Costa Brava

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